Earmold Care


  • Keep the earmold clean by wiping it off daily with a slightly damp cloth. If the opening becomes clogged with wax, use the cleaning tool that has a wire loop at the end. Insert the wire loop into the opening of the earmold, twist and pull back out. You may need to do this a few times to ensure all the wax is removed.

  • Every couple of weeks the mold should be detached from the hearing aid and washed with warm soapy water. Detach the mold and tubing at the point that it connects to the hearing aid, do not get the hearing aid wet. Do not wipe the earmold with alcohol, as alcohol can cause the material to weaken.

  • Before connecting the clean earmold to the hearing aid, make sure that the earmold is completely dry and make sure there is no water inside the tubing. Even a small  drop of liquid may block the passage of sound and can damage the hearing aid as well. There are earmold blowers that can be purchased to

    ensure all moisture is blown out of the earmold and tubing.