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Bone Anchored Hearing Devices

Description: Baha ImplantA bone-anchored hearing aid (Baha) is an osseointigrated auditory implant system. It is surgically implanted behind the ear and works through direct bone conduction, bypassing the ear canal, eardrum and middle ear. Baha aids are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of mixed and conductive hearing loss as well as sensorineural hearing loss that occurs in only one ear. Baha aids are ideal for people who cannot wear a traditional hearing aid due to such conditions as a missing ear canal, non-functioning middle ear, or draining ears.

The Baha aid consists of a titanium implant and external abutment, or a magnet, and a sound processor. The surgical procedure needed to implant the device generally lasts less than an hour and is performed on an outpatient basis by neurotologist Dr. David Nosan. In order to receive one of these devices, you must first be a candidate based on your hearing as well as a candidate for surgery. This will be determined during a consultation. 

Custom Hearing Protection Devices

No ear is exactly the same, at Kaiser Permanente’s Hearing Centers in Colorado, we offer custom ear protection devices for a number of purposes:



    • Construction workers

    • Machine operations

    • Factory workers


    • Hunting – a special filter in the earplug acts to protect your ears from a loud impact sound (gunshot) while allowing you to hear soft environmental sounds needed for awareness of game

    • Motorcycling



    • Sleeping: comfortable and stay in your ears all night long!

    • Swimming: patients with ear tubes love how these block out water

    • Musicians: special filters keep the overall volume at a safer level, which keeping the integrity of the music intact