troubleshootingHearing Aid has no sound or sound is quiet

CAUSE: Not turned on 


CAUSE: Volume too low
SOLUTION: Turn up volume


CAUSE: Low/weak/dead battery 
SOLUTION: Replace with fresh battery


CAUSE: Poor battery contact 
SOLUTION: Consult your audiologist who will determine if this is the cause


CAUSE: Battery upside down 
SOLUTION: Insert battery positive side up (+)


CAUSE: Earmold/ slim tube/ receiver/ instrument plugged with earwax 
SOLUTION: Clean instrument. 

  • In slim tube device: use cleaning pin to dislodge earwax in slim tube 

  • In Receiver in the Ear device and certain custom hearing aids: Change wax trap

  • In Behind the Ear device: Clean wax from sound opening


CAUSE: Plugged microphone protector 
SOLUTION: Change microphone protector or consult your audiologist


CAUSE: Hearing aid not inserted properly 
SOLUTION: Remove and reinsert


CAUSE: Change in hearing 
SOLUTION: Call 303-861-3404 to schedule a hearing test, or consult your audiologist The hearing aid whistles (feedback)


CAUSE: Earmold/slim tube/ instrument is not inserted properly 
SOLUTION: remove and reinsert


CAUSE: Hand/clothing near ear 
SOLUTION: Remove hand/clothing from ear


CAUSE: Poorly fitting earmold/ slim tube/ instrument 
SOLUTION: Consult your audiologist who will inspect physical fit of device


CAUSE: Volume control too high 
SOLUTION: Lower volume control


CAUSE: Instrument clogged with wax 
SOLUTION: Clean instrument and change any wax guards


CAUSE: Excess wax in the ear canal 
SOLUTION: Consult your audiologist who will determine if wax is present


The hearing aid does not work on the telephone:


CAUSE: Telephone is not positioned properly 
SOLUTION: Move the phone receiver around until you find the "sweet spot" where the sound is clear. In behind the ear styles, this often requires moving the receiver so it is on top of your ear, near the microphones on the hearing aid


CAUSE: Hearing aid is not in the correct program 
SOLUTION: If applicable, make sure the aid is in the "T" (telecoil) position or program


Short battery life:


CAUSE: Battery door is not being opened when hearing aid is not in use 
SOLUTION: Open battery door to stop battery from draining whenever it is not in your ear


Hearing aid makes buzzing sound:


CAUSE: Low battery 
SOLUTION: Replace battery


CAUSE: Dirty battery contacts 
SOLUTION: Contact your audiologist


CAUSE: Battery compartment is not completely closed 
SOLUTION: Close the battery door completely


CAUSE: Instrument is in telecoil "T" mode 
SOLUTION: Switch program to microphone "M" position


Hearing instrument beeps:


CAUSE: Low battery 
SOLUTION: Replace battery